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365 Awesome Things

Finding the Awesome in a year of Uncertainty

So this is my foray into the world of blogging (again).  But this time I have a reason to stick with it – a countdown.  It’ll be this countdown that gets me to sit in front of my computer every day and come up with something incredibly awesome that happened to me, something everyone else should appreciate or experience, if they haven’t already.

Yesterday I finally relented and did what my dentist has been telling me to do for some time (although he technically said I had until I turn 26 to do so);  I got my wisdom teeth removed.  All four of them.  Apparently the bottom two were growing in sideways – as in, facing the front of my mouth rather than straight up – so they had to cut them into four pieces and then remove them.

Regardless, the surgery was relatively painless and today I’m recovering quite well.  But the thing that has gotten me through these last 24 hours has been the ability to consume some of the most delicious things on the planet, but which don’t often get the recognition they deserve.

That’s right, I’m talking about those foods that are suitable for infants and denture-clad geriatrics alike.  The foods you don’t have to chew.

My stepmother diligently went out and bought everything that doesn’t require mastication she could get her hands on from the grocery store – ice cream, yogurt, smoothie mix, soup, bananas (mash one of those babies up), mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese.  And that’s pretty much all I’ve eaten. To be fair, that’s all my chipmunk-swollen jaws will allow me to eat.  And that’s where another benefit of the foods you don’t have to chew comes in – sometimes you don’t even realize you don’t have to chew foods.  I made some scrambled eggs today, and while not generally categorized as no-chew food, I found its capability to fill that role absolutely inspiring.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a huge craving for a giant burrito.  Most of the time no-chew foods don’t have a lot of flavor variety.  But I did have a big cup of tortilla soup and some guacamole (yep, just ate it with a spoon) yesterday, so I’m not complaining.  Any day that allows me to eat guacamole in any capacity is a good day.

When I was a baby my dad used to sneak bites of my Dutch Apple Desert baby food.  I chalk it up to being extra-sweet applesauce, and I can’t blame him.  Sometimes lazy eating is the best eating.


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